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Sun 17th, Dec 2017

Renoir's Live Concert at Ritz Carlton South Beach


Wed 20th, Dec 2017

Renoir's Live Concert at Gale Hotel Miami Beach


Fri 22nd, Dec 2017

Renoir's Live Concert at Eden Roc & Nobu Hotel Miami Beach


Sat 23rd, Dec 2017

Renoir's Live Concert at Mandarin Oriental Miami


Wed 27th, Dec 2017

Renoir's Live Concert at Gale Hotel Miami Beach


A Million Views of Love

Jul 18th, 2013

In the world of music today, any number of elements is necessary for success: dedication to one’s art, long hours in the practice room, and the presence of a strong promotional apparatus to help bring one’s musical product to market. Above all of the technical requirements for success in today’s market, one thing remains as necessary today as it was a thousand years ago: the presence of inspiration.


A Million Views of Love: Renoir Rodriguez and Innocence


Photo by Coba & wifeIn his first album Innocence, the Miami-based Cuban trumpeter Renoir Rodriguez shows the world the profound source of his own inspiration, a deep and abiding love for his daughter Nicole, portrayed through the soaring yet tender intonations of his trumpet. With over 2,800,000 hits on the official YouTube video of Innocence, Renoir’s inspiration has struck a chord with a vast Internet viewership, and secured him a place among the most influential trumpet players of our time.

Renoir’s reach is not limited to cyberspace, however – he is a prolific live performer, and it is in his concerts where he truly shines. High-profile performances at internationally renowned venues have shown thousands of concertgoers the unique, powerful sound of Renoir Rodriguez’s trumpet. An opportunity to hear him play is not to be missed.

The tremendous success of Innocence on YouTube is owed to Renoir’s consummate skill as a musician and his artistic integrity. With great sensitivity and strength, the sound of Renoir’s trumpet creates a sonic argument for the necessity of mutual love and understanding in today’s ever more chaotic world. His music is a reflection of this comprehension, attained in a moment of inspiration while cradling his newborn daughter. Over a million listeners worldwide agree: the beauty of Renoir’s music, and the importance of his message, is undeniable.



Paul Caudill