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Innocence CD

Intense emotions, between nostalgia and hope, have inspired this album. Still through my windows open to the future, cheerful dancing notes have snead in, enchanted by Venice, arouse by Africa, touched by the innoocence of a child. That innocence that I constantly breathe and that I feel honored to offer to you with my music.

With gratitude,

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1. Love For Ever
2. Venezia Per Te
3. Innocence
4. Comprehension
5. Nicole
6. Africa Love
7. Shape of My Heart
8. Memories
9. Sade & Marley

The Musicians:
Renoir Rodríguez - Trumpet
Michel Ferré - Piano, Keyboard & Organ
Armando Gola - Bass
Ahmed Barroso - Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Armando Arce, A.K.A. Pututi 3 - Drums & Percusion
Aldo J. Denis, A.K.A. Sweet Jesus - English Rap
Joseph Carret, A.K.A. El Mola - Spanish Rap

Special Guests:
Ángelo Liuzzi - Electric Guitar on Nicole Solo.
René Luis Toledo - Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Carlos Puig-Haten - String Arranger & Conductor;

Music Producers: Renoir Rodríguez & Michel Ferré. Executive Producer: Renoir Rodríguez. Mixed by Juan Mario Aracil, A.K.A. Mayito. Mastered by Carlos Álvarez. Recorded at GML Recording Studios by Juan Mario Aracil and Michel Ferré & Redlands Studios by Paul Daegling / Miami, Fl